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Labour and Employment Law

labor and employment law

Labor & Employment

Labor and employment law is a critical area of legal practice that addresses the complex relationship between employers and employees, ensuring fair treatment, compliance with regulations, and the protection of rights within the workplace. At Remus, Weddle & Cavenee (RWC), our attorneys are adept at navigating the myriad challenges that arise in managing a workforce, offering expert counsel to both employers and employees on a wide range of labor and employment issues.

Employer Compliance

Employer compliance involves adhering to the comprehensive array of federal, state, and local labor laws and regulations. These can include standards for minimum wage, overtime pay, workplace safety, and discrimination. RWC assists employers in understanding and implementing policies and practices that comply with these legal requirements. Our goal is to help employers avoid costly legal disputes while fostering a positive and lawful working environment. Our services include reviewing existing employer policies, advising businesses on best practices and the constantly evolving regulatory and legal landscape, and assisting in the drafting and adoption of employee handbooks and workplace policies that reflect current legal requirements and best practices.

Employee Rights

Employee rights are at the heart of labor and employment law, encompassing the right to fair pay, safe working conditions, and freedom from discrimination and harassment in the workplace. RWC represents employees who believe their rights have been violated, offering informed counsel on their legal options, and advocating on their behalf. Whether it is a case of discrimination, harassment, or a violation of labor laws, our attorneys are committed to ensuring that employees are treated fairly and justly, and that their rights are vigorously defended.

Wage & Benefit Disputes

Disputes over wages and benefits are common in the employer-employee relationship. These disputes can involve unpaid overtime, misclassification of employees as independent contractors or as exempt from overtime, or issues related to health insurance and retirement benefits. RWC has experience in resolving wage and benefit disputes, representing both employers and employees. For employers, we provide strategies to prevent such disputes and ensure compliance with wage and hour laws. For employees, we seek to recover unpaid wages and secure the benefits to which they are entitled.

Wrongful Termination

Wrongful termination occurs when an employee is dismissed from their job in violation of legal protections or company policy. This can include terminations that breach employment contracts, as well as dismissals based on discrimination, retaliation, or failure to accommodate a disability. RWC offers robust representation to employees who have been wrongfully terminated, working to secure compensation for employees who have been treated wrongfully. Similarly, we advise employers on lawful termination practices to prevent wrongful termination claims and protect against potential litigation.

At Remus, Weddle & Cavenee, our comprehensive approach to labor and employment law ensures that both employers and employees receive the expert legal guidance and representation they need to navigate the complexities of the workplace. Whether it is ensuring compliance with labor regulations, protecting employee rights, resolving wage and benefit disputes, or addressing wrongful termination, our attorneys are dedicated to providing informed, effective counsel and advocacy.

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